Impressions for #iliketeevee 2017-Watches (Part 1/3)

WHAT-IS: This was meant to be a round-up of my fav television shows watched in 2017, but the timeline (I set for myself) has since lapsed, and I'm instead going to give my short(ish) impressions of my own personal viewing experience with said shows. Thank you for your indulgence :)


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THE ORVILLE (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)
Not being a huge fan of Seth McFarlene's schtick, I had not been exactly "looking forward" to this series, but against my (not-so) better judgment, I give t a try out of curiosity's sake, and found a very pleasant surprise of a series I'd never thought I would enjoy, and in fact eagerly awaited it's weekly airing! Is this what "classic Star Trek" was "supposed" to be? LOL

Alas, I lost interest in the series before I could complete it's 12 episodes for Season 1. Would I want to watch Season 2 (premiering late in the 2018–19 season)? Probably not.

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STAR TREK DISCOVERY (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

This is not the Star Trek folks in the 70s had grown up with. It is not even the subsequent tv series, much less the films before J. J. Abrams got ahold of it, and pumped out a trio of action-adventure features, to which the spirit is strong in this current televised incarnation, and I am all for it!

Much lurve for the 5 episodes in Season 1, and am eagerly awaiting Season 2!

DARK MATTER (Season 3 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

I was so into Seasons 1 & 2, it was not a joke! But things got wholly "real", with memories returning, and more politics than I cared for - feeling much like the downer the "interplanetary trade dispute" in The Phantom Menace ever did - and truthfully, I struggled to end the series, and might well gone on with "Season 4", except the series was cancelled with 3. *sadface*

KILLJOYS (Season 3 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

And while I did devour the entirety of Season 1 & 2, I was not exactly a true-blue "convert", until the script spruced up and tight in Season 3, with folks spouting made-up words (even something as a plural "Hells" made such wonderful adds, IMHO) - hereby creating a sci-fi story I'd not much been "hearing of" in the past few decades, if not aesthetically/visually derivative of everything before and after it LOL

Full transparency tho: I could not finished the entirety of Season 3, after the doppelgänger went batsh*t and slaughtered her crew.

Season 4 will be returning somewhen in 2018 (while a fifth season will conclude the series.) ... maybe I'll finished up the final few eps of season 3, so I can catch up immediately to the new season ... maybe...

EMERALD CITY (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

I struggled to like this series, and at more points than less, I actually did, especially marvelling at the attempts they'd made in providing us with a steampunk-visual, that at some times jarred against other aesthetics, puking out a concoction that did not sit as comfortably nor cleanly with me and my own sense of "design appreciation". but that's just the art director in me nagging in my own muddled mind, given that I personally appreciate the "steampunk" visual genre.

Storywise it probably dragged on longer than it should, but then again that's network TV, isn't it?

This retelling of the "Wizard of Oz" has since been cancelled after one season. Pity.

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STRANGER THINGS (Season 2 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

I'm all for the hype, but truthfully, Season 2 for me was not as excitable as Season 1, with most of the retro-freshness now replaced by cliches and expected recognisability, but only because I am a picky child-of-the-80s LOL.

The story was more ambitious than I'd expected, but overall decent fun! Yes, I will await Season 3, but perhaps not with as much fervour as the second. I did not expect much from the first season tho LOL

AMERICAN GODS (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

The TV Gods has bestowed upon us AMERICAN GODS, and I am loving every effin'moment of it!

I dearly want to reference this to my film-class students, but the bare and bloodied tits'll get me into trouble with parentals, no doubt :p

"Ten" episodes might not have been enough, but they packed hella good stories, and I am so looking forward to Season 2 (with apparently even LESSER episodes!).

A Season 2 has since been ordered, but Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will not be returning for this series on cable network Starz. The novel's original writer Neil Gaiman will helm season 2, alongside Jesse Alexander.

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GAME OF THRONES (Season 7 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

I have not watched full episodes, much less previous whole seasons of GoT, except this season, and I adored it to bloody bits. Whatever "holes" were serendipitously plugged with the deluge of youtube videos and explanations that had brought me up to speed with each character and story arc - which is great when I am watching the episodes as they air, and not worry about "spoilers" which litter the internet immediately after they air.

"Season 8"? COME AT ME, BRO! Come at me with your cold dragon's heart!

TABOO (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee))

TABOO was a early-2017 production, and I was clued in out of curiosity sake, and ended up loving what I see. I have to give credit to "Penny Dreadful", and its dark dank representation of Ye Old England, which appealed to me in a warped way (no, no frills for me), even leading me to the current "The Alienist".

I certainly hope Season 2 happens soon!

RIVERDALE (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

OMG I was such a willing-convert for Season 1! My guilty pleasure which climaxed by season's end, to be muffled into disdain come season 2, when all enthusiasm fizzled when the Black Hood saga turned the series into a "revenge" flick. I might be totally wrong, as I'd not continued with the series, but frankly I've gone far too long without feeling the need to return :p

THE TOYS THAT MADE US (Episode 1-4 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

More "documentary" than "fictionalised drama", this series appealed both to my passion for toys (authoring TOYSREVIL for over a decade not because I am making huge bucks, thanks), and my desire to know the history of said-passions, and result being an enjoyable watch for folks who are into this genre, IMHO.

While a second season has been renewed by Netflix, a date has not been announced.

MINDHUNTER (Season 1 / Blogged on #iliketeevee)

The name "David Fincher" had me line-and-sinker, and the result was a taut slow-cooking thriller, which had me hooked for all of it's 10 episodes - which never seemed to overflow, but simmered at the brim of the lid, of this boiling pot of awesome.

Season 2? YES PLEASE!