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Dutch and D'Avin finally do the space-mambo in this episode, after "10 minutes" of face-sucking at a Space Disco (after consuming casual recreational drugs), and guess who walks in on them? In the future, there is no sense of privacy, or door locks, it seems.

But all the fun-n-family-giggles turn a drastic corner, when D'Avin "regains" his memory of being a psycho-killer, and tries to kill Dutch (who had only just put on her panties and his shirt after getting off the bed they shared), and very nearly kills his brother.

The last few minutes of this episode had provided me with a "true" sense of "danger" I have not seen in all the eps so far and gives this tv series an edge it sorely needed, IMHO.

Also, there was a surprising amount of drugs and drug-taking imagery shown here, from snort-lines being cut, to D'Avin consuming a bubbling liquid at the disco … AND JOHN's description of Dutch and D'Avin doing the nasty to the bartender, was, well, a tad "nasty" too LOL

I understand the filmmakers might want to be showing the "gravity" of the situations they are in, but it felt a tad "excessive" somewhat, IMHO.

Check out the official epode synopsis from the show's IMDb-page, posted below :)

S1E7 SYNOPSIS: "The Killjoys' continuing quest to uncover the mystery behind D'avin's missing memories leads them to an underground black market, triggering a shocking incident that will haunt the team." ("Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye")
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