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#watched: My (Slightly Spoilerish) Impressions for Netflix's BRIGHT


I have got to say, after just finished watching Netflix's BRIGHT: 3 minutes short of 2 hours, it had really been an entertaining watch! (Watch here on Netflix).

The hallmarks of director David Ayer's work is present and on-point. From the visual aesthetics to theatrical emotions, to making a believable urban environment of this scale, is much appreciated (from where I'm watching) - from the golden-curb railings in Elf town, to the entrance barricade at the police precinct, to the Shield of Life-hideout, and Fogteeth Orc clan hideout (but what's the deal with the swimming pool with elvish roots? LOL) - much effort has been made to bring this concept to celluloid-life, and it shows.

A post shared by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on Dec 23, 2017 at 5:50am PST
FIRST IMPRESSION: I'd felt that this film was pretty "self-aware", and while the situation-n-scene are "alien" to me personally (living here in Singapore for close to 5…

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