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Celebrating Netflix’s THE PUNISHER with my 11-year old 1/6th-scaled kitbash

With 3 more episodes to go before I finish up THE PUNISHER on Netlix (launched Nov 17th), I’d thought to share something else instead of a “review” (which at this time is “with watching”, BTW :p): my kit bashed interpretation of a jacked-up “Frank Castle”, done in 2006 - over a decade ago, in my 1/6th-scaled hobby heyday!

I’d used a Hot Toys muscled body (from the “early days” of HT’s pre-Hollywood-license military/PMC-releases, most likely), with it’s upper torso stuck on with red colored sticker (cut in strips ala “cuts”), while togged up in a skull-print on a tee (closest I’d get to The Punisher’s skull without painting anything lol), with a pair of yummy jeans (bought loose from a possible Brothersfree figure?). Complete with molded pouches, and weapons from mixed toy brands.

Can’t remember WHOM the gloves were from, but I used small cable-ties at the end. I love having multiple-“straps” (Thanks Jim Lee’s X-Men!).

I seriously cannot remember the headsculpt underneath the gas mask…

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