Mr Bean is Spider-Plant Man!

Mr Bean gets bitten by a spider-plan, and becomes the Spider-Plant-Man! Starring Rachel Stevens (from SClub7, whom I had a wee crush on back in the day *cough*) as "Jane Mary", to Rowan Atkinson's "Peter Benjamin Piper" / "Spider-Plant Man", starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.

With all the excitement of the latest incarnation of Spider-Man - revealed in the latest trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" - this seemed quite FUN! (…and also I just featured the Mr Bean x Snickers TVC on #iliketeevee, so it's a "twofer" ~ Heh).

WHAT-IS: "Spider-Plant Man is a British parody short film which parodies the Spider-Man 2002 film adaptation, made for the Comic Relief 2005 appeal and aired on BBC One on 11 March 2005. It featured Rowan Atkinson as Peter Piper/Spider-Plant Man and Rachel Stevens as his love-interest Jane-Mary. Jim Broadbent also made an appearance, portraying Batman, and Tony Robinson as Robin."

DEVELOPMENT: "Spider-Plant Man originated while Rowan Atkinson and some other writers were thinking up ideas for a possible fifth series of Blackadder. One of these ideas was Batadder, a parody of Batman, where Atkinson would play the title character, and Robinson would play his sidekick based on Robin. Plans for the fifth Blackadder series eventually fell through and that particular idea gave rise to the Comic Relief special. Ed Bye of Red Dwarf fame directed the episode "Spider Plant Man" and used CGI from : The Farm and Steve Deakin-Davies Ambition company." (Wiki)