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The "ferociously" of Episode One lets up just a pique in Episodes 2 and 3 of the season 2 of Lifetime channel's "UnREAL", but remains otherwise venomous = "what awesome" drama is made of LOL

In-fighting between Quinn and Chet intensifies, reaching a point where Rachel decides to break protocol and tries to wrestle the project back into her own hands, to somewhat "unexpected" results, with the introduction of new character "Coleman Wasserman" - whom without a doubt would hook up with Rachel, as witnessed in Ep3.

Episode 3. Watch us [literally] run around in these bits and pieces... Tonight 10/9c on Lifetime!

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The girls are about to get physical on Monday!💪#UnREALtv 📸: @lindsaymusil

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In the midst of all these, the girls react in bikinis by the poolside and run an obstacle course, all for the sake of "Darius Beck" - the new bachelor in "Everlasting". The "roles" of each girl are further defined, and essentially their are borderline personality cliches, with the sole exception of "Yael" - played to a somewhat subtleness boarding on danger by actress Monica Barbaro.

That women seems much smarter and level-headed, unlike the other damaged girls - I wonder how she passed the mark to get in the program! Not only is she "HotRachel", looks to be she's the "SmartRachel" too, without the self-guilt and doubt that plagues Rachel for the past three eps.

"Manipulation" seems to be her super-power: Slipping into the pool being the damsel in distress, kissing up to Rachel and Madison, when all other girls are just demanding stuff, and flirting with cam-op/"director" Jeremy? Brilliant!

It remains to be seen if Yael indeed has any ghosts in her closet, or if they will be unveiled in subsequent eps, and I will be looking forward to see how this plays out.

Sure, Rachel is the key focus for now, with every episode ending with her in dire straits, but my eye is on Yael to deliver, IMHO.

"If I was a man they wouldn't be doing this to me." #UnREALtv

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It'll be pretty hard pressed for Rachel to get out of her own tormented self to suddenly gain a eureka moment to get a foot up over Quinn and Chet, unless Coleman or even bachelor Darius is her "secret weapon" … or maybe it's simply o sit back and let the battle between Quinn and Chet rage on, while she picks up the pieces?

But then again, Quinn has found out what Rachel did, so we'll she if she gets "thrown to shreds" or gets a pat on the back for a "job well played" … Rachel is after all, Quinn's protege…