#Lucifer Season 2 Comic-Con #SDCC2016 Trailer

Scheduled for a premiere on Monday, September 19th on FOX, is the second season of LUCIFER - the googlebox adaptation on Vertigo Comic’s “Lucifer”, where the lord of hell leaves the realm of damnation and opens up a nightclub in Los Angeles!

I enjoyed the first season, and cannot wait to meet Lucifer’s MOTHER, who has “escaped” from Hell!

SHOW SUMMARY: "Satan, aka Lucifer, quitting his job from Hell because of boredom, coming to live in the city of angels L.A. With his experience and abilities he tries to help humanity, in his view of perspective, to bring out people's inner thoughts and deepest desires. Lucifer, wouldn't be Lucifer if he didn't end up in trouble. Trouble being a shoot-out with him and a girl, Lux, he met in a nightclub involved.

The same girl instead of letting him go to waste, guides him into being a consultant for the police force. Trying to do do some "Satanic good" he uses his abilities as a police consultant to strike at criminals with the law and justice on his side."