#viewinghabits Nov 13.2015

#watching #Blindspot S1E8 - I've been enjoying the recent few eps tremendously too! #iliketeevee

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Totally been enjoying the recent Blindspot episodes … recent episodes of Quantico has also gotten interesting, things looking intriguing from ep4-in … continuing with Empire Season 2 - tasty but not as yummy and fresh like season 1 tho … have totally been blowing off the second season of iZombie since finishing ep.2, and with no real desire to continue actually (nothing tastes quid as good as "freshly dead brains ala season 1, huh? :p) … and will eventually get down to Supergirl as well, only been 1 episode down tho …

Surprisingly not too keen on Gotham, Arrow, or The Flash, strangely enough … maybe I like my superheroes in irregular doses and not on a "weekly" basis? I have a longer theory than that, but that'll be another blogpost for another day…

Or maybe I have just been simply busy and preoccupied with "work"? Or more likely my vision has not been that robust lately, and by the time I'd gone thru an entire day's worth of work, my eyesight would've suffered the wear-n-tear …

#watched #Quantico S1E7 totally enjoying the series for the past coupla eps now! #iliketeevee

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FYI: My eyes were fkd in 2010 when I had Stroke. I now have double-vision because of diabetes (one of the reasons which led to my Stroke, where I had half my body paralyzed temporarily), adnd do most of my work with an eye-patch on. Although it might impair my total visual experience, but it does not stop me from enjoying that I can see hahaha … more Stroke stories here on #Stroke41, meanwhile, BACK TO THE TV! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA