#watched "doS Deka" S1E1-E3 (ドS刑事 / Ms. Sadistic Detective)

SHOW DESCRIPTION: "An uber-sadistic female detective and her nice-guy cop—an unbeatable partnership?! A delightful police comedy is born!

She has no loyalty to her organization and doesn't follow any rules. She's a detective who enjoys seeing people's troubled faces. Her name is Kuroi Maya. She chose to become a detective because she thought she could torment bad people all she wants. With her sharp intuition, she finds the suspects quicker than anybody else. Beautiful but also a pain in the neck, she unleashes her sadistic ways to round up the bad people from society. This is a story about a never-before-seen uber-sadistic detective.

Her unlucky partner? Daikanyama Shusuke, an officer who works in a police box. Caught in between a strong-willed mother and younger sister, he is constantly being pushed around at home. Shusuke and Maya have their chance encounter at a crime scene and the two end up as buddies. -- NTV"

Titled "doS Deka" ("ドS刑事" / also known as "Ms. Sadistic Detective"), this "detective comedy" stars the kawaii-ish "Tabe Mikako" as "Sergent Kuroi Maya", and "Okura Tadayoshi" as "Daikanyama Shusuke" - a Police Box officer transferred as a Detective to the new crime unit where Kuroi is also newly transferred to, where she promptly "lays claim" to him LOL

Official website (in Japanese) at www.ntv.co.jp/doS

In this series (of which I've only watched 3 episodes so far of the 11eps in Season 1), the males are predominantly buffoons … no, make that "male detective buffoons" - hence the "comedy" label, intermingling with a "sadistic" female Kuroi, with peculiar and initially irritating arrogant traits (which does not make her any attractive beyond appearance), but subsequently cracks a little but by ep.3, and suddenly whatever little vulnerability makes her more attractive, and somewhat able to forgive her transgressions and attitude - for which I might be overthinking too much here LOL

But I cannot help it, for the guys and most everyone else are buffoons, and continuingly act as such (besides the elderly detective and their section chief), so perhaps I should look at this series with refreshed and understanding eyes, rather than judging it against regular police procedurals like BORDER etc (… or rather THAT is not exactly a "regular" procedural, but…).

The broadcast period for Season 1 was from April 11th to June 20th 2015, and I am currently watching it via online streaming on www.gooddrama.net - which means the visuals are not perfectly crisp, but it forces enables me to focus on the "story" instead, or so I convince myself.

As of this post, I am content to continue watching the episodes, as I have essentially ran out of Korean dramas for my weekly Saturday night viewings … until I loose my patience, maybe? Or maybe I'll assimilate into the program by suspending further my disbelieve?

Also, Kuroi uses a bullwhip instead of a police issue revolver … so now you might understand my predicament in this scenario ~ Heh.

One sole "saving grace" thus far for me, was seeing Danny Choo/Culture Japan's "Mirai Suenaga" doll used extensively in the opening scene of Episode One (The excitement lasted me all of three eps too LOL) - where a woman working for a company that retails the Mirai-chan doll was held hostage by an irate fan/collector, who blamed her for making him miss out on the chance to purchase a "Forever Sweet Seventeen Mirai" doll and wants to kill her for that, as the police unit swarms him attempting to talk him down, guess who turns up?

THIS scenario should be a gauge on how the series direction would lead, methinks :p