Pop! Marvel: Daredevil TV from Funko

Now THIS is getting me excited! Especially after devouring the entire series not too long ago (I'm slow that way), and with Season 2 coming up, here's hoping Funko could do a "Jessica Jones" series too (and eventually "Defenders" etc) and we could have a hella "Hell's Kitchen Pop! Crew" going on here!
FUNKO PRESS: "Keep Hell’s Kitchen safe with our Daredevil Pop! figures! Avocado – we mean, attorney – at law, Matt Murdock goes after the shifty Wilson Fisk! Meanwhile, a heroic masked vigilante is cleaning up the city on his own terms! Coming in February!"

UPDATED: Seen on display at 2016 New York Toy Fair;

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Source: funko.com

Comicbook.com also reports of the Pop! Version of his final suit (seen below), which mirrors that of the Pop! Keychain! (FYI: This particular Pop! was not included in the press release from Funko tho hhhmmmm…).

Pocket Pop! Marvel: Daredevil TV
"Now you can bring Daredevil everywhere you go! Our Pocket Pop! Keychain will keep any keyring safe! Coming in January!"