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"Dutch and John take on a seemingly simple warrant to retrieve a missing migrant worker on Leith -- only to discover a dark secret lurking beyond the edge of the farm. Meanwhile, D'avin accompanies Pawter on a medicine run in exchange for a rubber stamp on his Killjoy pysch evaluation. But Pawter's assessment brings into question D'avin's fitness to become a Killjoy." (IMDb)
**SPOILERISH-RECAP of Episode 3 Ahead**

#watching #Killjoys S1E3 the brothers together again!

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- D'AVIN takes a step closer to being approved as a "Killjoy", while DUTCH and JOHN goes undercover in a harvesting locale to search of a bounty. How that bounty got about is as interesting for me though.

- Dutch gets uber-kinky and flashes her lingerie while John does something to himself, which gets resolved oh-so-conveniently by the show's end, which irks me somewhat, disbelieving the sense of "responsibilities" of their actions henceforth :p

- A new "character" is introduced in this episode, "Pawter Simms" - in relation to Da'vin, and I certainly hope to see more of her … she does provide a certain "humility" this show needs (so far), whereas everything else seems somewhat "scripted" and frankly hard to believe if you push your brainwaves hard enough.

Dutch's past remains murky-ish, while her present - along with John, remains coyingly copacetic … but no, I do not want them to bump-n-grind each other LOL

Essentially the three principals get to be featured in this episode, which proved doable with a slightly "smaller" cast of actors to focus on (versus, say "Dark Matter" heehee).

@boraborahut asked me on my instagram, whether I am enjoying more; "Killjoys" or "Dark Matter" … and my answer was somewhat different from the viewings of both series' first episodes - with no being that I a enjoying Killjoys a little (bit) more, "while continue being intrigued by Dark Matter".

@mefke has a nice rejoiner; "It's so nice to have two space opera series at once again!"

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"Nuns with Guns"? = the cheesy lines are why I like Killjoys, reminding me plenty of the goofball fun with "Firefly" heehee

- Nice crisp stills via IMDb
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  1. i couldn't believe he cut his ear off but it's the future, so i can believe they can graft an ear back on. it's good that john was able to take care of things on his own. hopefully davin won't become an annoying older brother. it was a pretty good episode

  2. agreed, TheCount ... altho after 10 eps the "brothers" schtick just doesn't seem to be working somehow haha "battle buddies" would have been another angle worth pursing perhaps haha

    1. i'm just now watching them & catching up.


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