#InstagramReview for Marvel's #JessicaJones Season 2 on Netflix (non-spoiler)

Why #JessicaJones rocks? Becoz she’ll never wear “spandex and a cape”! There are other Super powered individuals who would tho (and I heart them all), but THIS lady is the one I’m rootin’ for, even tho she had done a “heinous” act in Season 2 (which’s come bite her back hard tho) - amidst all the drama and cheesy emo, we get to relive pasts, see origin stories, witness new beginnings, get teased and tangled in subplots (which I wish would lead to more hijinx in “Season 3” - there had better be a “season 3”, okay?!) and enjoy a pretty brisk pacing of the 13 episodes - not something I would say if most Marvel Netflix shows, if ya know what I mean?

#JessicaJones2 to me had been one of the best Marvel Netflix shows I’ve had the pleasure to devour in a weekend - thank the TV-Gawds for “binge-watching”! #iliketeevee


(My #InstagramReview)