Trailer for The New #LegendsOfMonkey - Coming to ABC ME January 28th

WHAT-IS: "Inspired by the 16th Century Chinese fable Journey to the West, ABC ME’s The Legend of Monkey is 10-part half-hour series that follows a teenage girl and a trio of fallen gods on a perilous journey to bring an end to a demonic reign of chaos and restore balance to their world. Coming to ABC ME January 28. #LegendsOfMonkey" (Download ABC ME)

I am more "amused" than "outraged" (like some of friends are) at this "culture appropriation" of the Chinese folklore, especially when ABC ME "is a dedicated digital and broadcast service designed for primary-school age children which reflects and celebrates the lives, interests and diversity of young Australians" (, and I am pretty keen to see where all these leads, if it manages to get broadcast on Singapore (cable), that is :p