Threezero to do GAME OF THRONES' ARYA STARK in 1/6th

UPDATED: Pre-orders have since launched for Game of Thrones’ ARYA STARK 1/6 Figure on Priced at US$178 / 1385 HKD with worldwide shipping included. Delivery Date: Estimate 3rd quarter 2018.

Orders placed at will also receive a free give away ‘Game Of Thrones’ t-shirt.

Threezero has teased a single image (with no accompanying text) of their latest 1/6th-scale offering from their "Game Of Thrones" line with; "ARYA STARK"!

Featuring rooted hair, and a splendid face sculpt of actress Maisie Williams, seen here in a pose parallel to her "Water Dance" seen in Season 4 (see comparison-pic posted below, and video-clip after that), along with her sword; "Needle"!

(Arya's pose from Season 4 versus TOY-Arya)

Also looking forward to see a somewhat shorter height of this figure, standing alongside the other figures (It's one thing about "face-sculpt likeness" - which a number of commenters on Threezero's FB are crying out against - but I have a "thing" for height disparity instead :p). And finally Arya could be "reunited" with "The Hound", and they could relive their adventures from Season 4 LOL

As well I've only watched Season 7 in its entirety when it aired (I'm slow to the game, what can I say? :p), and have since become a "fan", and dare say would appreciate a release such as this - and previous releases - and relish a more-than-decent release, IMHO.

This would be their second female 1/6 character figure to be released from GoT, after Daenerys Targaryen. Stay tuned for further product information, and for collectors' sake, let's hope it doesn't get released as Season 8 of the television series will be in 2019 ... but then again... :p