About That "Brainiac 5" Character Design for SUPERGIRL on The CW

I have been watching the promos of this story arc in earnest (but alas not the actual tv show itself), with SUPERGIRL herself trapped in the prison of her own mind, and physically in a state of space-coma (???) after being beat-down by (a ridiculously costumed) "Reign", the "Legion of Superheroes" step in to help - featuring "Mon-El", "Saturn Girl", and "Brainac"! And I had been pretty content not needing to blog about this series, except for when I saw this incarnation of "Brainiac" (played by Jesse Rath) ... stirring my emotions and inducing non-stop head-shaking, I could no longer standby and not express my utter disappointment in the character design.

(Above stills via comicbookmovie.com)

And while I can understand that perhaps they do not want to present another "green-skinned" character in the series (Remember "J'onn J'onzz" the GREEN Martian?), the compromise (if that be the case) sits somewhere uncomfortably between "exceedingly bad visual taste", and "utterly ludicrous", IMHO ... but then again, who knows - perhaps "Brainiac 5" would induce a more "human caucasian"-guise via hologram-doohickey-thingie when out and about with the Earthlings? At the very least to reduce the "pain" we might have looking at him on screen LOL

OR, we could have a ready-n-waiting interpretation of an "alien" cast in a early-80's music video, don't we?

The episode airs Monday January 15th at 8/7c on The CW, and available next day on The CW App ... and you know what? This trailer "worked", and I'll be trying to remember to catch this ep, just to see how Brainiac works out LOL

(Comic-book and animated "Brainiac 5" images found on Google
+ Supergirl x Brainiac Romance? :p)

...so, since Mon-El is "married" now, do you think there'll be a "Bra-Kara"...?


UPDATED with video clip (still not wholly convinced, sorry :p)