Marvel's THE PUNISHER on Netflix - Featurette & Season Two Announcement

”How far does the conspiracy go?” Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Marvel's The Punisher as they explain the setting and motivations of each main character. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

In lieu of a (proper) review of the series I’d devoured, I’ll just say that this series had been a decent good watch, one of the better Marvel-on-Netflix shows (personally to me better than Luke Cage and Iron Fist). Although somewhat in the similar genre as “comicbook” media, there is no “super-human powers” to be had, with his “Skull” vest seen/worn only at the beginning and end of the series. The only connection they’ve indulged in, is having “Karen Page” here, and boy I am shipping her and Frank hard…

Marvel's The Punisher
Marvel's The Punisher

“The Punisher” strikes and succeeds in being a “drama”, without the frills of costumes-n-capes and delivers a decently constructed (reconstructed from the comicbook source) story which delves into the human condition, focusing on war/military veterans, “message” on the heavy-side, but apt, and a surprisingly but appreciated “violence” to be had (thankfully not “constant”), not necessarily glorifying the blood as it subtly “surprises” with raised stakes, and not your notion of a puffy-Punisher on mainstream media. There is no “joy” to be seen in dispensing violence, IMHO.

In short, out of a “10” (“1” for FORGET IT EXISTS” and “10” for “MUST WATCH”), I’d give this a decent “6”, although you can survive your MCU without this, IMHO.

But what his to say “WHO” will yet appear in the lore of THE PUNISHER, as “Season 2” has since been announced, with no specific details revealed as yet.