First Trailer for JESSICA JONES Season 2 on Netflix

Along with the first trailer for JESSICA JONES Season 2 (along with a dig at “Spiderman” LOL) comes the announcement of a premiere date of “March 8th”, 2018 on Netflix. After her exceptional Season 1 (Watch on Netflix), and a somewhat lacklustre but nevertheless fun turn in The Defenders, folks - including myself - have been waiting for her to be on screens again!

I just wish they made her action figure “more fun” tho, like maybe NOT a moulded scarf but instead a real fabric wrap? I would LOVE to own a Jessica Jones toy, thank you :)

Entertainment Weekly has an online interview Krysten Ritter, and teases the “return” of “Kilgrave”? I certainly hope it’s to psychologically screw with her head, than a “live”-return tho!


Source: @JessicaJones