BRIGHT Releases Its 3rd Official Trailer (Premieres 12/22 on Netflix)

A brand new trailer - the third and "final" - for the upcoming telemovie (peeps don’t say “telemovie” these days, don’t they? “Movie” on “Television” never sounded “prestigious”, did it? LOL :p) ”BRIGHT” on Netflix, directed by David Ayer, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

In this trailer we get to see/hear the "greatest love song" for Orcs, and as well we get to see more of Noomi Rapace as “Leilah”, a dark elf seeking control of the wand. #NICE

Also features a new single from Billboard's "Breakthrough Artist" Camila Cabello and musical duo, Grey called "Crown.”
“Bright” premieres exclusively on Netflix starting 12/22.