#watched: THE FLASH Season 4 Episode One


Posted herein are SPOILERS from my viewing of the first episode of Season 4 for The CW’s THE FLASH. On air in a time day/time-slot (in the USA) at 8/7c on The CW, and available next day on The CW App: http://go.cwtv.com/genFLAyt.

SPOILERS BEGIN: Season 4 of THE FLASH starts six months after the end of Season 3, with Barry Allen gone, and the team carrying on his legacy of protecting Central City, this time with Iris West taking the lead, with Cisco “Vibe” and Wally “Kid Flash” West, and Joe West out in the field, facing a new villain who’ve dropped into town, the flying dude in a samurai-armour, which Cisco had since dubbed: “Samuroid”.

SPOILERS CONTINUE: Caitlin-“our-Caitlin” returns to the fold (not without her own frosty secret) wearing tight tees and jeans (can’t complain there, sorry), and Barry Allen is extracted from the Speed Force and returns, somewhat losing his marbles, which serves as a great opportunity for the actor to show his range lol

Iris reminds me too much of Kara Danver’s grieving (for Mon-El) in her latest season, and much like Episode One of Supergirl, truth is confronted, hurts are soothed, and a new enemy is revealed, and Barry is Back with New SuperSuit!

I’ve never been the staunchest of THE FLASH series, having watched episodes on and off, but not following it religiously, nor could I invest my attention into the series, and having seen Episode One, unfortunately I still do not feel as compelled to return, even to find out who that Borg from the Future is … “The Thinker”! (Looks like an episode of DC's "Legends of Tomorrow" tho... :p) *SPOILERS END*

But of course things will change once the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover happens (somewhen Ep8), and I am curious how they e going to approach presenting the comicbook character “Ralph Dibny” AKA “Elongated Man”! (Read more on arrow.wikia.com).

Here’s the trailer for Episode 2, Season 4: