STRANGER THINGS S2: Clip & Translating #StrangerThings

Season 2 of “STRANGER THINGS” on Netflix (WHAT-IS) premieres October 27th, and in anticipation, a slew of promotional videos, clips, rewatches and poster images has been revealed thus far!

This post, we take a look at a CLIP from the series, in which “Mike Wheeler” (played by Finn Wolfhard ) is speaking to / being questioned by agents searching for “Eleven”, more likely on the night of the finale at the school from Season 1, so that’s a real nice starting point, methinks!

Time to rewatch or catch-up on Season 1, before Friday’s premiere, people! Yeah sure, you’d be able to binge-watch in a couple days, or three … nyuknyuk … you KNOW you want to, right>

STRANGER THINGS in 20 languages, in 190 countries around the world. It’s gonna be WILD!