STRANGER THINGS-themed Collectibles for New York Comic-Con 2017

Even before Season 2 of Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS premiere (on Friday, Oct 27th), the non-licensed “homage” collectibles do not stop - with TWO Editions of “indie art toys” coming to folks this coming New York Comic Con 2017 (Oct 5-8)! Here’s what has been revealed thus far - both of whom are from Special Ed Toys!
"From bootleg toys to terrible "art" of dubious quality, there is no type of "artistic" medium I won't shamelessly exploit in my mission to bring a little bit of terribleness into collector's homes far and wide!" ( Instagram @specialedtoys )

Stranger Wars: Princess El” by Special Ed Toys feature hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figures, in a signed and numbered edition of 25, each priced at US$100. Available via the DKE Toys Booth #678.

Bootlegg's Stranger Things Brand: I'm The Monster "The Imposter Edition" by Special Ed Toys X MOC Toys is produced in an edition of 11 hand-signed and numbered pieces. Priced at US$120 each, they glow blue in the dark! Available via the Clutter Magazine booth #575!

"Eleven has definitely seen better days. And although it's pretty apparent that the entity behind those clothes isn't Eleven (hint hint, the proof is in the decapitated head and hands), this imposter is still going to try to put one over on her friends in hopes that it can add their heads to the collection too..."