“Ah Lian In Litchfield” Promotional Videos by Michelle Chong (for #OrangeIsTheNewBlack Season 5)


I’d enjoyed this on Facebook since last week, but was unable to embed for the video for a blog-feature, until NOW!

“AH LIAN IN LICHFIELD” is Director/Actress Michelle Chong conceptualising and writing two promo videos with a specific ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK theme, starring herself as the uber-“*Ah Lian Singaporean”, spouting Singlish/Hokkein vulgarities to actress Uzo Aduba - who plays “Crazy Eyes” - for the ultimate Ah Lian Goes Global LOL

Check out some choice images, including a few behind-the-scenes, with Michelle herself, Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba and the director Hernan in New York, with snaps swiped from Ms Chong’s Instagram @immichellechong.

"Ah Beng is a stereotype applied to a certain group of young Chinese men in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. The female equivalent of an Ah Beng is an Ah Lian (Chinese: 阿莲; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: a-lián).

Ah Beng is usually used as a derogatory term for someone. Ah Beng usually means that someone is not highly educated, is unsophisticated, and operates within secret societies and street gangs. Ah Lians are regarded as bimbos, and are stereotyped as anti-intellectual, superficial, materialistic, and shallow.