Threezero to do X-Files in 1/6: Introducing Agent Mulder!

Threezero reveals an image of their 1/6th-scale adaptation of “AGENT FOX MULDER” from television cult fav “X-Files”, featuring the likeness of David Duchovny, which is curious as far as “topicality” goes (“Agent Dale Cooper” from “Twin Peaks” would be brill, but perhaps the character might be too niche compared to X-Files? :p), but perhaps for fans of the series, it is a long time coming?

I am unsure if this incarnation is based on the TV series in the early-2000s, the films, or the recent 2016 revival (more likely, maybe?), and will have to wait for further product information :p

This is not the first time we’ve seen “Agent Mulder” get the 1/6th-treatment, with Sideshow Toys offering up a nice tidy series of figures back in 2004 (I’ve only ever gotten the “Cigarette Smoking Man”, specifically for the sniper+tripod accessory, actually LOL) … and with Mulder, will we be expecting to see AGENT DANA SCULLY in 1/6 from Threezero too? No sense having one and not the other, no? :)

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  1. OMG! I hope it doesn't take too long to be released. It will definitely be in my 'purchase list' for sure!


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