MR.ROBOT Pop!Vinyls from Funko for May 2017 Release

“I’m not that special. I’m just anonymous. I’m just alone.”

FUNKO PRESS: ”Vigilante hacker and cybersecurity engineer Elliot Alderson is coming to Pop! vinyl! Prepare for anarchy! Joining him are his sister Darlene, friend Angela Moss, Dark Army hacker White Rose, and Mr. Robot himself! Elliot has a hooded chase variant with a rarity of 1-in-6! Collect them all this spring! Coming in May!”

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I wished I could have gotten into the television series, having only caught the first few episodes (none of season 2), before being lost in the myriad of conspiracy theories and speeches … maybe I’m too much of a “comicbook superhero”-geek / escapist to want to face the harsh realities of reality, ya know?