Journey To the West with Daniel Wu (on Giant Robot Media)

An interesting interview with actor Daniel Wu and his P.O.V. in this Giant Robot Media video. Familiar with Mr Wu’s asian films, and seeing him expand to the Western media arena is a source of “pride”, I dare claim, for us “Asians” (versus “Chinese”, so to speak).
"Daniel Wu is an A-list celebrity in much of Asia and is burgeoning in America. He’s often talked about as the star who can amalgamate a film in two continents— a feat thus far proving to be elusive for everyone. Originally from Oakland, CA, he went on an epic journey to Hong Kong in the 90s where he was discovered and became a superstar.

He’s now back stateside starring in his own television show, Into the Badlands, a post apocalyptic martial arts tale that’s in it’s second season on A&E. The action drama showcases his martial arts skill and philosophy through his character, Sunny, whose conflicts stretch Daniel’s acting role."


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