Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Featured a Cliched Singapore & Mr Brown's Video Responses

”Was a flight attendant delivering drugs there?” - went the premise for the recent episode of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” (Season 2, Episode 6, titled "Cinderella and the Dragon"), when the television show featured Singapore as grounds for the latest crime-solving adventures … the idea of which brought along a smile (hey, I’m proud of my country, yeh? :p) … which pretty quickly turned to anger and windbag filled with cuss-words of 4 different languages used in SG, and a well salty-“WTF?”, for the sheer lack of accuracy in their depiction of the country I have lived and grown up in!

... which comes to think of it, is not so different as depictions of other countries outside of America had been, in various other tv shows and genres, especially when budget is concerned (for “travelling”), and no doubt expediency or in service of the script, or simply the lack of sensitivity to give a hoot about the countries they are showcasing … they are not “historians” after all, and we can cry the “accuracy police” for only so much .. thank goodness for online retorts!

The themes and impressions are pretty much what folks in the West have of SG, based on decades old news-bites. Folks interested to read a more detailed breakdown of inaccuracies should check out It bothers me quite that folks might still think Singapore is a part of China hahaha

Featured here are two videos from one of THE Blogger-Elite of Singapore “Mr Brown” - whose faux ‘Ah Beng” persona “Kim Huat” reacts to the show, in a pretty accurate reflection of how I think LOL