“Damn Good Coffee” - New #TwinPeaks Promo

A snazzy new promo video for Showtimes’ upcoming TWIN PEAKS series (premiering May 2017), featuring edited scenes from previous seasons 1 & 2, of “Dam Good Coffee”! (Source: io9.gizmodo.com) - What? No Cherry Pie? :p

If someone sold legit “Twin Peaks Coffee”, I might just grab a bag LOL!

Currently battling diabetes myself (I’ve already “lost” since my Stroke back in 2010, but…), and I’ve been cutting back on my daily coffee, essentially to NONE, because I cannot gulp any coffee without sugar, sad to say :p

But NO, this is not about me, so I’ll leave you with this snazzy looking poster print, which you can purchase HERE on Amazon for US$17.95!