Twin Peaks Pop!s & Action Figures by Funko - Revealed at London Toy Fair 2017

FUNKO PRESS: "Funko is hot on the case of murdered homecoming queen Laura Palmer! Collect your favorite Twin Peaks characters as both Pop!s and Action Figures! Each 9POA action figure is 3 3/4" tall and posable!"
Revealed at the London Toy Fair are TWIN PEAKS from Funko, in Pop!Vinyl and ReAction figures - and anyone who’d release a “Laura in Plastic” gets nod from me!

Pop! Television: Twin Peaks - Agent Dale Cooper, Log Lady, Laura in Plastic, Audrey Horne, Bob, and Leland Palmer.

ReAction ACTION Figures: Twin Peaks - Agent Dale Cooper and Laura in Plastic, Bob and Log Lady.

Although come to think of it, this might be a tad “distasteful” to have a “dead girl” made as a toy (as “fictional” as it may be…) … imagine seeing this pegged on toy-aisles! Although I’d imagine these would be more for “adults” than kids (as any retailer might not want to get sued otherwise for displaying them LOL) … which leads me to be a tad “antsy”, as I’d really not want to pay too much for her!

And yes, I’m just thinking like a “selfish toy-collector” who wants my “Laura Palmer in Plastic”, as I did not managed to snag my Bearbrick, nor could I afford this art piece from Kiersten Essenpreis (circa 2009). ”Pop Culture Fandom” has the craziest things…LOL

(The above was added in reaction to my tweet-convo with Kev H @bighatdino)