My name is ANDY, and I am the owner of, and currently the sole author of the ILIKETEEVEE blog you are reading right now. I primarily blog about TOYS at TOYSREVIL, and as well be found instagramming and tweeting at @toysrevil :)


Previews, videos (both western and eastern), inspired and/or homage artwork / fan-art, themed-toys and even Cosplay ... From live action genre programs (Superhero, Zombies, Vampires etc) to animation - from Western cartoons and CG-spectacles, to Japanese anime ... Pop Culture/ Geek-Pop / Otaku = as long as you can see them on the googlebox AKA Television, or in this internet age, Internet TV = They will be right at home with the programming schedules for I LIKE TEEVEE!

Expect news, reviews and views in these here pages! Don't be shy and feel free to scroll around, click PLAY on some videos, and have some fun! Don't change the channels too quick now!


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