Trailer for #Spectral on Netflix

SYNOPSIS: "When an otherworldly force wreaks havoc on a war-torn European city, an engineer teams up with an elite Special Ops unit to stop it."
“Spectral is” an upcoming American supernatural science fiction-thriller film directed by Nic Mathieu (who before this does TVCs, this will be his film directorial debut), and stars James Badge Dale, Max Martini, Emily Mortimer, and Bruce Greenwood. The screenplay was written by Ian Fried, John Gatins, and George Nolfi from a screen story by Fried (Wiki).

Coming to Netflix on December 9th, 2016, Wiki has a much “clearer” description of the story; ”…described as a supernatural Black Hawk Down, Spectral centers on a special-ops team dispatched to fight supernatural beings who have taken over a European city.”

High-Tech Future “SOLDIERS versus GHOSTS” = Works for me! LOL

Spectral Netflix