Quick Recap for #Supergirl S2E8 on The CW

WARNING: *SPOILERS AHEAD* for Episode 8 of SUPERGIRL (Season 2 on The CW)

Amidst the danger of an airborne toxin named “Medusa” poisoning and killing ‘aliens’ … in the battle between J'onn J'onzz the Macha-colored-Martian-Manhunter versus the Cyborg-Superman Hank Henshaw … in the fight to save Mon-El’s poisoned life, and kiss with Kara (Damn you, Daxamite!) … in the middle of Alex coming out to her Mum about her sexual preference … in the midst of Alex kissing Maggie … is the start of the 4-night crossover with the other superhero-shows of The CW, on SUPERGIRL Ep8, when actually this sequence actually comes at the very tail end of everything else, and seems somewhat cursory arbitrary a throwaway at best, IMHO.

Nevertheless, a swell episode so far, which as well features a “family betrayal” - which will be the only thing I’m not spoiling in this post, because I am nice like that, fhanks :)