#watched TIMELESS S1 E1-E2

MY TAKE: "“Evil” men hijack a time travel machine to go back in time (duh), and a new trio were cobbled up to go back in time to thwart evil-man-schemes - including a female historian, a Delta Force military man, and a “coder”. Things happen, questions are pondered, and the past changes the future."

Watching the first two episodes of NBC’s TIMELESS was pretty much “effortless”. I did not need to feel I had to bend my brains as much, pondering the consequences of time-travel paradox, and just let the show’s stories take me to the past, guilt-free, and enjoy my time spent watching the two episodes.

First episode focuses on the Hindenburg disaster, while Ep2 is about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. I foresee a primarily Western past to be explored in this 7 (?) Episodes first season.

OFFICIAL PLOT: "When an experimental time machine is stolen by criminal mastermind Garcia Flynn, a team consisting of history professor Lucy Preston, her bodyguard Wyatt Logan, and engineer Rufus Carlin is sent back in time using a prototype machine to capture him. However, they soon realize that Flynn and his associates are plotting to rewrite American history, and that each of them has a connection to his plan." (Wiki)

The actors are pleasant and effective. The “true villains” seem clear cut, and the “show villains” are shown not to be the case they are made out to be. The characters are somewhat cliched but like I said, “effective” and allowing more room for grown and perhaps even changes, as the episodes go by. And I am liking the "subtle" story ion the time-changes, from whatever past they had came back from "rescuing", and the intrigue continues forth .. needing to know that notebook Flynn is carrying (which no doubt is written by the historian from the future haha).

This is neither a complaint nor commentary, but a basic impression of a series, which does not necessarily register on a “NEED TO VIEW” basis, but has turned out to be a viable series amidst the current slate of television series, and I look forward to catching more.

What I actually did appreciate (thus far), was that not a whole lot of time was spent “showing-off” the time machines - we were introduced to them, seen them in operation, and next times we know of their existence, is from the fluttering of papers (or being wighted down LOL)! Except for what would be consistent “entering the capsule” dressed in the episodes’ period past of story, this is an effective way of focusing the budget on the period settings instead, perhaps? Kudos!

Promo for Ep3: