#watched #Supergirl Season Two Ep 1-3

Within the first three episodes of Season 2 of SUPERGIRL, we’ve met the TV’s latest version of “Superman”, Lex Luthor’s (adopted) sister “Lena”, “Mon-El” from Daxam, the last daughter of Mars, Maggie Sawyer, and the President of the United States of The CW, played by Lynda Carter (AKA “Wonder Woman” of the 70’s tv series) … Not bad so far for The CW, the new home of “Supergirl”!

And while I’ve not endeavoured to follow the first season, the current incarnation has the DEO (“Department of Extranormal Operations”) operating out of an open skyscraper rooftop (versus the basement bunker digs in Season One), which to me somehow speaks of a ready “optimism” compared to the celluloid version - on this I meant Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, “BvS” et al - who preaches a darker and dimmer outlook on the DC Comics character’s world they dwell in, which I have to say I have no hangups about (not much anyways), as I’d prefer a level of “diversity”, instead of EVERYTHING looking like a “Marvel film” … but that might just me myself :p

One aspect that did not sit right with me, was the uneven tone of Season One, which saw Supergirl operating - in full cheery form thanks to Melissa Benoist - out of a said basement-bunker, for a department which persecutes hunts “monitors” aliens on Earth, including the head of the DEO, who himself is a Martian, in fact THE “Martian Manhunter”, all of which felt like an outright “lie”, and I could not really feel for the deception, as realistic as it may be to the “real world” hahahaha

But things were set along the right track (I felt), with Ep.3, having the President setting forth an act recognizing the aliens (which is ironic, compared to what would be the “Trump Wall” from a presidential candidate is proposing haha) … although the last few scenes of President Olivia Marsdin was quite the “kicker” (funnily parallels the “reveal” in S4/Ep.5 of “Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD” broadcast in the same week hhhmmmmm).

“You should see my other jet!” = Priceless, Mdm President! *wink-wink-Invisible-Jet-nugde-nugde*

“Super girl” now travels light(er) and does not seem to take itself too seriously, and as well provide a breathe of sunshine amidst the brooding super-power set in current media - even amongst The CW = Slightly brighter than The Flash, and tons more cheerful than “The Arrow” too hahahaha

As of Ep3, I have become a “Supergirl-convert”, and will be awaiting (hopefully “patiently”) for new episodes every week, to see if Alex gets with Maggie (played by Floriana Lima), if Kara gets with Lena … or Mon-El … anyone but Olsen (HAH), is J’onn gets with Martian girl … hey, it is The CW after all, right? And I am fine with that … I can always go brood with Batman and Snyder, if I’m feeling a need for “dark”, right?

(All animated gifs featured here via cwsupergirlgifs.tumblr.com)