"Be King" Clip for #LukeCage (Netflix)

The latest clip for Netflix x Marvel’s LUKE CAGE features the villain for this series, featuring actor Mahershala Ali as “Cornell Stokes” (AKA “Cottonmouth” in the comicbooks). Luke Cage premieres on Netflix September 30th.

WHO-IS: "Cottonmouth is the name of two distinct, unrelated fictional villains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first Cottonmouth, Cornell Cottonmouth, first appeared in Power Man #18 (June 1974) in a story written by Len Wein and drawn by George Tuska. The second Cottonmouth, Burchell Clemens, is a snake-themed super villain, mainly associated with the Serpent Society. He first appeared in Captain America vol. 1 #310 (October 1985), created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Paul Neary.

Cornell Cottonmouth, or just Cottonmouth, started out as a drug kingpin in New York City, involved in the events that led to Luke Cage gaining super powers becoming "Power Man". Cottonmouth tried to recruit Cage to his organization, but ultimately Cage knocked Cottonmouth out and turned him over to police. During the Shadowland storyline Cottonmouth returned as part of Nightshade's gang where they come into conflict with Daredevil as well as a new Power Man, who, like his predecessor, knocked Cottonmouth out and turned him over to police."