#watched #DarkMatter S2E1 #SPOILERS Ahead!

Caught Ep1 of DARK MATTER Season 2 on SyFy channel and managed a few snaps on IG (that's how I roll these days :p), and while there might be slight STORY SPOILERS ahead, I've held back some commentary (in the IG pics' captions).

More mysteries have begun, more story threads beginning for the individual characters - both incarcerated and "free", and interest more than enough for me to return weekly for more! If you've enjoyed the first season, this is highly recommended! And if this is your first time, check out the first season to get up t speed on the crew of the RAZA's space shenanigans, but don;t expect a whole lot of "answers" though LOL

A word of advice: You'd have to have watched the first season, to understand what happened at the end of this episode, when Derrick meets Jace :)

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