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I've since managed to devour 3 episodes this far for AMC's PREACHER, having a crawl's pace of the proceedings hastened up to Cassidy's "nocturnal activities" in Ep2, and the reveal in Ep3 thereafter of the two "From The Government"-gentlemen identity and intent, hit what I hope will be the groove to the activities in episodes to come.

The series so far revolve around the vicinity of the town where Jesse is administering in, with pointers of how they might leave town on a road trip in search of "God" - perhaps in search of Carlo? Or perhaps what Cassidy found out from the two kind gentlemen who wants their tin-can be filled again?

I, for one, cannot wait for them to leave town. That there's the deal breaker for me, I have to admit.

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Developing story-thread scenarios and stifling surroundings aside, the principle cast is slowly taking shape, and burrowing out of their characters' shell, methinks.

JESSE CUSTER's character arch was pretty quick and decently revealed as of Ep2 and "powers" in execution by Ep3, and with TULIP's somewhat two-dimensional depictions hear an echo of resolution, alongside Jesse, IF and when they catchup to their shared past, mullet hairstyles and all!

But will the mystery of his shared past with Tulip last for more episodes? Will the payback be worth the wait? I don't feel too sure about that, but I'll wait as long as I am able to, I guess.

As for CASSIDY, his appearance has been continuingly hitting the sweet spot(s) in this series, threatening all too real in stealing the limelight, not just as a Voice of Reason (imagine that?!), but as a purveyor of violence, that Tulip has only been hinting at, and Jesse broken a few bones and elicit bunny whines from … interesting times, I reckon … and "trying times" too, what with the crawl's pace, which I realized all too soon I'd be taking in direct reference to time reading the source material, having had devoured the graphic novel series in pre-collected single issues and tradepaper backs, and not necessarily waiting a month's break in-between issues … A Comicbook Binge (ala TV Series Binge), if you will :p

Maybe I should be telling myself to "take it in the chin" whatever happens next ... ? And above all, enjoy the ride as the wheel turns, and when the road dust hits my face and nostrils LOL

The dark humor is undeniable, and boils at the surface of an open pot, threatening to ooze down the sides but it has not because it is on simmer … The "death" of the prominent Scientologist Actor (*cough-Tom Cruise-cough*) mentioned in Ep1 and again in Ep3, not just proves information about the span of time elapsed, but as well provide a guffaw or three, if folks paid attention to the little details, to which this series has been pretty guilty of thus far … and I'd imagine a detail seen in Ep1/2/3 will become further expanded further down the series too - a "reward" for folks who had chosen to follow said series, methinks.

Looking forward to Episode 4 this Sunday (Monday here in SG), although truthfully not as jazzed up about it as I hoped to be...

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