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Ah yes, a "mother's love"... Oh you in trouble Dwight, you in trouble...! #EMPIRE S2E16 #iliketeevee

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"Mama Walker" becomes a part of the Lyons family, and you KNOW things are not going to go well, tasty cake or otherwise! Although, I remain unconvinced what she does/did/actually-did could justify Luscious/Dwight's actions, but then again, the "truth" might happen by E18, if E17's "climax" has anything to say about that, or maybe not…

One aspect of watching EMPIRE online (versus on local cable), is the censorship that will be bound to be enforced, especially in these two eps, where Jamal and XXX get it on. I personally do not appreciate my viewing experiences be altered, although truthfully, it might have gotten a tad "gratuitous", maybe?

Nevertheless, whatever happened that led to one of the Lyons ending up in hospital, was pure "drama-gold" hahahahaha


This is so not going to end well... #EMPIRE S2E17 #iliketeevee

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