#watched #Lucifer S1E10 ("Pops")

Daddy-issues and Mummy-issues in Ep10 of #Lucifer - #iliketeevee

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Guess who visited #Lucifer's shrink? Ep10 - #iliketeevee

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STORYLINE: "Chloe and Lucifer investigate the poisoning death of the owner/chef at an upscale Mexican restaurant. Suspicion falls on the owner's estranged son (Manny Montana), a recovering drug addict, and the sous-chef Anne (Tara Summers) who would assume control of the restaurant if the son was out of the picture. The investigation is complicated by the surprise arrival of Chloe's mother. Meanwhile, Malcolm reveals to Dan his plans to kill Lucifer, as directed by Amenadiel, and Mazikeen visits Dr. Martin as a patient." ("Pops" on Wiki)