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Binge-watched Playing catchup to FOX's Lucifer just, having enjoyed the pilot (from August 2015), and pretty much enjoying the hijinks offered in this tale of "Lucifer-leaves-Hell-comes-Los-Angeles-opens-up-a-club and-slowly-becomes-mortal" done by-way-of-television adapted from the Vertigo comicbook of the same name, so do not go expecting high-entertainment but for an interesting development of stories related to "characters" more than their circumstances.

By Episode 8, you'd have seen Lucifer loosing his angel wings and getting rid of it, an angel doing evil deeds, a demon slowly being consumed by jealousy, and a devil becoming mortal - essentially all divinity tasting mortality and what it means to be "mortal", the longer they sound on Earth, actually.

A question for heterosexual female viewers: Is actor Tom Ellis' "Lucifer" a "charming smooth talker" to you, as he is a smarmy snake to me? LOL

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On the "human" end of the spectrum, whatever "developments" on "Chloe's" part would be utterly upstaged by the "revelation" of a betrayal by Ep.8 … and is it just me or has actress Lauren German been getting gradually skinner each tie I see her on screen? A it worrying for her health tho… hope not that the devil's sucking the life out of her tho …

I will hope to continue this series to it's 16th ep in Season One, and would be intrigued to see if there ever will be a day when "Lucifer Morningstar" actually meets "Jesse 'The Preacher' Custer" … now THAT would be a splendid moment to be had!

Go watch FULL episodes of Lucifer online via www.fox.com/lucifer (available to view only in the USA and US territories tho :p).

Oh Chloe, how do you put up with #Lucifer?

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