#watched #Blindspot S1E15 ("Older Cutthroat Canyon" / "To Contact Your Handler")

STORYLINE: "Jane shows up at Oscar's meet and is handed her new assignment: place a tracker inside the team's vehicle. Edgar wakes up with a gun pointed at his head. The masked man warns him not to investigate Carter's death. Elsewhere, a man in a wolf's mask steals a painting. Patterson has hit a major clue, the burning rose on Jane's body.

The investigation leads to an art gallery, which has been robbed. Kurt discovers a bomb planted in a sculpture and shouts for everyone to leave. After the bomb explodes, Jane finds Kurt bleeding from the neck. Taking charge, Bethany wants the team to find the bomber responsible. Knowing where the artist lives, Edgar and Jane investigate his apartment room but get shot at by a sniper who Jane recognizes from a flashback.

When the sniper makes his escape, Jane removes her radio and makes a run for it too. Kurt wakes up in the hospital and is given the update on the case. Though he's bleeding, Kurt refuses to go back to the hospital until Jane is safe. Jane makes a call to Oscar who gives her details about the sniper. As the team gets a lead, Jane discovers more about the sniper from Oscar. At a shipyard, Kurt and his team find themselves at the sniper's hideout and become trapped.

Oscar is given directions to keep Jane safe, but she needs to know Kurt and the others are safe so she steals Oscar's car and heads straight to the shipyard where she gets caught by the sniper. Kurt blasts his way out of his trap as Jane fights the sniper. Oscar shoots the sniper and they both fall over the railing and drop into the water. Knowing Sarah is in danger, Edgar doesn't want to investigate Jane and has to break Sarah's heart in order to protect her. At their meeting spot, Jane finds Oscar alive. The sniper is also still alive."
("Older Cutthroat Canyon" / "To Contact Your Handler" on Wiki)