#Screensnaps of DC's Legends of Tomorrow (#SPOILERS Ahead)

And while I have yet to blog about DC's Legends of Tomorrow since enjoying the first episode in (soon, soon…) - instead today, I'll feature screensnaps from last night's Episode #6, featuring Arrow of the year 2046 in "Star City"!

#SPOILER DC's #legendsoftomorrow S1E6 #screensnapshot - rock-n-roll #Arrow 2046! #iliketeevee

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Loving your coat @caitylotz #SarahLance #WhiteCanary in last night's DC #legendsoftomorrow #iliketeevee

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PLOT FOR "STAR CITY 2046": "The green-hooded archer turns out not to be Oliver Queen, who attacks the team. They retreat back to the Waverider to make repairs and leave 2046. Rip, Sara, Snart, and Mick head to Smoak Industries to find an essential part needed to repair the ship. The team come across a fight in the city between a new gang and Green Arrow. Sara follows the vigilante, who turns out to be John Diggle, Jr., under the alias of Connor Hawke. Connor reveals that Oliver is believed to be dead since vanishing 15 years prior when the son of Slade Wilson, Grant Wilson, arrived in Star City with an army and took over. While searching through Green Arrow's old hideout, Sara and Rip find Oliver, still alive and missing an arm. Oliver directs them to where they can find what they need, but he refuses to help in the struggle. In a fight with Wilson's men, Connor is taken prisoner. Sara goes to Oliver and convinces him to resume the Green Arrow mantle. Sara and Oliver then stop Wilson from executing Connor. With the rest of Rip's team as backup, Oliver is able to defeat Wilson for good. With the ship repaired, the team re-enters the time stream." (Wiki)

TONIGHT on #legendsoftomorrow the future Star City is not looking good. Somehow old Ollie Queen still does.

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Thanks for watching last night! Here's a little #bts action madness!! #legendsoftomorrow

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