#watched EMPIRE Season 2 Ep9 + Ep10

EPISODE 9 PLOT: "Cookie and Candace look for their drug-abusing sister Carol on the streets of Philadelphia. Anika is working on her plan to return to Hakeem. Lucious wants to become a major player in the streaming business. He makes a final offer to Hakeem to return to Empire and take the Lyon name back, which Hakeem turns down. Cookie also refuses to sign over her rights to their most valuable songs. In the end, Lucious decides to proceed without them at a great cost. Laz calls off his deal with the mobsters. When he wants to change the venue of the cookout concert, Lucious reveals that he found out that Laz is a member of the gang that abducted Hakeem. Lucious brings in Skye Summers (Alicia Keys) to work with Jamal and they grow close." ("Sinned Against")

Not too long ago I was man-bitching about EMPIRE and my interest waning for the second season's antics … but it seems perhaps it may well have been a case of "out of sight, out of mind", because as of this Saturday morning, it has been well piqued again!

Channel surfing led to two episodes back-to-back (9 & 10) on local cable (with no discerning censored edits), which saw Alicia Keyes guest star as "Sky Summers", who - as Lucious said, had "fixed" Jamal's homosexuality (good touch here with the "ignorance of the masses"), identities revealed, cracks in the past teased, Rosie O'Donnell guest starring, Cookie visiting the prison she spent 17 years in, a surprise comeback, and the fate of Rhonda in the climax of Ep 10? OMG OMG OMG … looks like we have a new "psycho" in our midst now, and I wouldn't be too surprised as to WHO "she: is … :p

"Empire 2" is now on hiatus, as most of my tv watch shows foam the US are. Ep11 returns on air March 30th, 2016 in the US. There are 18 episodes in total for "Empire 2".

The amazingly talented and blindingly gorgeous #AliciaKeyes stars in EMPIRE S2E9 FTW #iliketeevee

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EPISODE 10 PLOT: "The nominations for the American Sound Awards are announced. Lucious is happy to see Jamal in love with Skye, but Jamal tells him he is still gay. Cookie visits her old prison for a benefit concert and she learns that her old cellmate Jezzy got a life sentence. When Lucious announces his new streaming service, Mimi presents her wife, Camilla. Camilla tells Hakeem the reason for her sudden disappearance and that she wants him back so they can reign Empire together. Mimi calls a board vote to remove Lucious as CEO, and, with Hakeem’s vote, Lucious is removed by the board. Mimi names Camilla as her proxy while she is away for cancer treatment. Tension rises when both Jamal and Lucious are nominated for song of the year. The same night, Rhonda is pushed down the stairs by an unknown assailant in Andre's and her new house." ("Et Tu, Brute?")