#SALES - X-FILES Season 2 Trading Cards Set from Topps (1996)

Part One of A Look at #XFILES #tradingcards set from Topps (1996) #isellthese #TOYSREVILCARDSHOPPE

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X-Files trading card set from Topps, released circa 1996 - features 72 basic cards showcasing imagery of Season 2 - including; Character Profiles, Episode Scenes, storyboard art and behind-the-scenes commentary, "aliens, entities and oddities under investigation".

Available hand-collated now, priced at US$30 per basic set (excluding S/H) currently available by emailing me direct at "toysreviler [at] gmail.com". Payment to be strictly via Paypal. Some cards might have creases.

Addition shipping+handling charge to be US$5 for local / Singapore, and US$15 for overseas (anywhere outside of Singapore). Combined shipping doable, please email request in advance. No reservations and no refunds, thanks.

Part Two of A Look at #XFILES #tradingcards set from Topps (1996) #isellthese #TOYSREVILCARDSHOPPE

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These are excess sets from my personal collection, and I currently have only 2 sets for sale. Expect more X-Files merch from the past to be made available soon(ish). Do You Want To Believe? :)

#XFiles #tradigcard hand-collated sets for sale.

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