List of Shows on Netflix SG & Programming Considerations

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What had concerned me the most, since finding out #Netflix has come available in Singapore: the available list of programs watchable.

As much as I abhor censorship of shows in SG, I would understand if some where too "adult orientated", sure ... but program listing is important for me to consider biting the bullet, although I cannot speak for anyone else here in country who could essentially afford accessibility in whichever way or form.

The above snap was from the nation's newspaper today seen this morning … the 21-rated movies seem promising, especially with Tarantino's "Kill Bill Vol.1", and a nice slice of celluloid classics like "A Clockwork Orange", "American History X" and even "Pulp Fiction"! I look at the other films, an hope "Se7en" had not been censored too much tho (if it's not in the R21 group, then perhaps it already had been censored tho ggrrr) …

I've been intrigued with "Penny Dreadful" tho, having caught a couple of eps from Season 2, but struggled to sort out Season 1 (obviously not trying hard enough :p) - looks to be gothic horror at it's best, methinks!

No K or J-dramas? Time to rethink the line-up, folks? Or maybe not dramas but "films"? No point fighting with the dedicated Japan or Korean channels, of course … but no "anime"? hhhmmmmm - nah, we're just being overly greedy at this point, aren't we? LOL

But the again, Netflix is venturing into "film productions" as well, so it would make sense to buffer up their films catalog, no? Check out the trailer for their upcoming "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny"! (Blogged on #PopcornX)

List of shows watched and reviewed, and looking forward to,
on the #iliketeevee blog
(In no particular order of preference):

Daredevil Season One *watched
Daredevil Season 2 (premieres March 18th in the USA)
Jessica Jones (Launched)
Narcos *watched
Orange is the new Black *watched
Sense8 *watched