I really need to track down episodes of #americanhorrorstoryhotel becoz I am LOVING IT! #iliketeevee

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After being obsessed with wanting to watch "COVEN" (besides constant viewings of disparate videos on youtube OMG) and failing to do so (getting the boxed set DVDs meant naught as my laptop player had died a while back), I had subsequently put aside any and all desires to watch any further AMERICAN HORROR STORY stories .. and while "Hotel" might have admittedly "intrigued" me, I had only managed to sit down and devour an episode in full two times (on random cable channel surfing), with both times being the exact same episode.

Nevertheless, I'd still endeavor to track down this series for a watch or three.. just hope that I'll not meet up with the same episode three times in a row! Such is thy cruel fate and missed destines with this series, I suppose ...