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Truth be told, I "struggled" to watch SUPERGIRL, not for anything but the utterly gushworthy adorability of Melissa Benoist as "Kara Zor-El", making me quiver at the knees, and generally having me leer at the screen, with wide grins, thinking; "Finally…FINALLY we have a cute Supergirl!" - which to me, distracts me from the story unfolding before me, which seems pretty straightforward and slightly cliched, with a hint of fun … BUT, if I am left gawking at the main lead and ONLY the main lead, I am loosing the plot, aren't I?

Editor: the villains must be pretty bad,
to want to punch this gorgeous face, right?

But, if I were to turn off my (*cough-hypothetical-cough*) "internal perv-meter", Episode One was a decent viewing, although hardly earth-shaking, given the other similar genre tv series before this, with Melissa being one of the key PLUS points for the show …

… the Phantom Zone space-villains escapee-plot device served as too convenient an excuse to bring on the baddies, otherwise it was a swell stroke to bring in the current connection to Superman with "James 'Jimmy' Olsen" … and the introduction to the DEO settles the "need to have U.S.-Government hands in every pie" notion, which parallels real world situations too, so that's done pat.

What I cannot stand is "Cat Grant" as an OTT "Devil Boss Wears Prada" played by actress Calista Flockhart, brimming at the edge of straighten comic relief - which I am sure is not the case for the filmmakers, but is blatant to me. "Fiesty" and "tenacious" works fine, but "prissy" and "obnoxious"? Less a character but more "caricature" … but to be fair, she is not alone in the predicament, others like "Hank Henshaw" falls into that pigeonholed ticked-box too, at least seen in the first ep.

With the show starting off with Kara at an age of 24, I am afraid we might be missing out on the youthful cheer of a "teen", and find out about what she is able to accomplish (versus "who she can be" in school, belting out songs along the corridors notwithstanding… sorry, I HAD to go there :p) - and instead leading straight into a post-teen struggles at work, and what would be a lot of heartbreak (not necessarily of the romantic kind) and self-doubt, in trying to have a career, save people, and bringing down the bad guys with super powers. But then again, it is a entire demographic need to be addressed...

And with all these downers she looks like she needs some friends here - and by that I mean the inevitable "super-powers kind", and hence one of the very few reasons for the geek-me to cling unto the series, for that "hope" veering out from under the crack of "been-there-done-that", I'm afraid.

Very interesting though, is the concept of Kryptonite used to weaken Supergirl - based on the comicbooks, as opposed to the Zack Snyder-film universe, where he has done away with said weakness… hhhmmm

The comicbook references came fast and furious, with familiar names include "Hank Henshaw", "Maxwell Lord", "T. O. Morrow / Red Tornado" .. almost TOO FAST, and TOO MANY??? "Faster" than "Th Flash", I'd say heehee...

Fist-punch moment when Dean Cain (as "Jeremiah Danvers") and Helen Slater (as "Eliza Danvers") were introduced for the first time as Kara's Foster Parents.

Another funny moment for me, was trying to place where I'd seen acts Chyler Leigh - who plays "Alex Danvers" - Kara's adoptive sister, and works for the DEO …until I wiki'd her to find out she was "Dr. Lexie Grey" in "Grey's Anatomy" - whom I had a short crush on way back! OMG the air color change really works! hahahahaha

Here's a video showcasing what else to look forward to in the new season:

Prolog: And while I caught the episode off an online streaming site, the placement image they used seemed more like a p0rn-promo image than the actual series image, no? Heh.

Is it just me, or does this placement pic looks like it's from a p0rn #Supergirl flick? LOL

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