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Heart still drip-drippity-droppin' from the fabulous experience I'd had devouring Season One, Episode 1 of Season Two came out of the gate roaring like a lion, circling it's prey, deep growl a feeling of "danger" - like the animal kingdom filled with prowling predators mauvering against other predators - in what looks to be a emotional bloodbath as the season goes on.

"Lucious Lyons" seems in his element in prison, even more ruthless that he might be "outside", and perhaps more in his element that he may come to expect, his true self manifested, with his chest all pumped up-n-out. What happened with the "Frank"-character, and his reaction as Lucious walked out of the room - screams heard behind - added a depth of devious delicious to his character.

Be it wheelin-n-dealing in the corporate world, or in/from prison , Lucious looked more interesting here in one episode than he did in twelve in Season 1, IMHO ~ "Bye, bitches", indeed!

"Andre" and "Hakeem" cruises by, like sharks swimming around it's lunch - always brimming by the edge waiting to explode - I like that, and look forward to what they will be up to in future eps.

Kudos to the writers and producers for reigning back the rain of drama here too!

And what Boo-Boo "Anika" Kitty had to do to secure the business, was utterly hilarious and downplayed LOL

I find myself liking "Jamal" less and less here, the "underdog" of last season no more, now replaced by a puppet puppy pretending to be a guard dog ... or maybe there is inherent "tragedy" in that I should acknowledge? Naaah, I don't feel like it right now, Jamal deserved what he got from Cookie by the end of Ep.1...

"Cookie Lyons" remains the Queen of the Pride, but somehow things seem to be unravelling beneath her feet … the end of Ep One was a harbinger sign to end times - a heart felt heartbreak that seems to define the second season of EMPIRE.

Looking forward to more episodes! Although I'd attempt to find it uncensored online, than the one they put on local cable.