#watched #UnREAL S1E8 #SPOILERS

UPDATE: I just watched this particular episode on (cable) TV locally in Singapore, and the "naughty bits" have been absolutely (and cleanly) edited out … two scenes this far … WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD …. (A) The BJ in the store-room where Quinn discovers Chet's indiscretion (which also led to her deciding to take the thumbdrive out of the safe), and (B) Rachel screwing Adam in bed, as Jeremy messages her … I am glad I watched UnREAL online tho - otherwise the motivation of the actors and acts might not make sense, no? :)

E8 PLOT: "With the final elimination ceremony right around the corner, Adam is offered an interesting proposal. Rachel is pulled between Jeremy and Adam. Chet makes a decision about his relationship with Quinn."
Ever since blogging about E1-E5, UnREAL has been one of my "guilty-watches", what with constantly clicking unto the online viewing page (you can try watching it here) to see new episodes being uploaded!

Screengrabs here are from my viewing of S1E8 titled "Two"- the preultimate episode to the final E9 - of which certain MINOR SPOILERS might be contained herein. The salaciousness and deviousness is as delicious, even tho no doubt this had been further sanitized for public television, is as gripping and dirty as it gets … and I like it! Too bad it all ends in another episode, which I reckon is just as well, otherwise it may well be a tad OTT… maybe?



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