#watched MTV's #SCREAM S1E1

"Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. And everyone is fair game.

What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past."

I had literally chanced upon this series online and clicked on the above featured video thinking it was a "trailer", until I realized it had been a FULL episode (sans commercials), with (at time of this post) the first 3 eps in full, officially uploaded by MTV and viewable online.

Shown up top is the trailer screened at last week's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 8-12), while featured at the bottom of this blog-post is the first episode in full, for your viewing pleasures :)

"Scream (also known as Scream: The TV Series) is an American horror television series that premiered on MTV on June 30, 2015. The series is a television adaptation of the slasher film series of the same name."
At times a tad self-clever, and most times teen-dramamama, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the "restraint" presented so far.

The teen drama luckily does not necessarily fall into the overtly non-oblique character cliches seen in other "adults-as-kids" dramas like Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries, nor does the fictional context of drama over-power reality, as much as 90201 did … I've not watched much of "Pretty Little Lairs" to comment otherwise tho :p

The characters possesses somewhat cliched tropes (universal to the "American-teenager" trope ala the SCREAM movies) but are arguably "archetypes" but given a generational update complete with wider liberal attitudes. The same-sex kissing scene was presented with no pomp and very sweetly done too.

Cast/Characters-wise, essentially this is a all-white/Caucasian cast with one sole Asian-face (SPOILER: Doesn't last for long tho) … there is the not-so-dumb jock(s), the nerd-wiz, the sheriff's hottie-son from a previous marriage, the school babe(s), the "budding horror genre buff" Asian/Oriental-girl, the angry girl with the camera, the girl having an affair with a teacher, on and on … it's a "television drama", so why should I be surprised?

Although they are decently written and not as cliched as 80s-90s teen drama movies might lead you to believe-"ish" … OMG, I suddenly realize this could easily be a modern version of John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club"! LOL

"Noah provides insight on Lakewood’s latest murders in this sneak peek of Scream’s second episode. Don’t miss new episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV."

Mysterious murders happen in the town drenched with a past involving a series of deaths wrought upon by unrequited love. My only memory of the SCREAM-films were the beautiful girls, so that much informs my impression, and my memory of the films' plots remain buried deep within my subconciousness, perhaps ...and it was with curiosity that I attempted this series, with two eps watched so far.

The subject matter did not appeal as much to me, with the video promos "revealing" a tad too much of the death, so "murder mystery" does not trump the "pretty people looking" attraction, IMHO. So "NO", I am not too highly impressed, but I doubt I am within the demographic of the filmmakers' intended audience, so no worries :)

But as a straight-forward American-teen -tale fare, this is a slick production with production values and is cheekily-fun in some ways, I reckon. Aaaahhh "youth" ... :p

Although a sign of my age came with my wincing reaction to being force-fed the context of "modern social media" into our subconsciousness - which I know reads somewhat unfair here, but for the fact of my age and difference of generation, perhaps? Perhaps this generation needs confirmation and affirmation of their cyber and life-habits? Gawds do I feel "old" now …

ALSO, the school life depicted here is grounded on an American way of educatory life along hallways lined with lockers, and is a wholly unfamiliar "scene" to me in reality, but recognizable in so many media representations of school-life, fictional or otherwise I do not know :p


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