#watched #Killjoys S1E6

The #Killjoys have a new set of troubles on this week's adventure.

Posted by Killjoys on Friday, July 24, 2015
PLOT FOR S1E6: "Top Killjoys from around the Quad are pitted against one another in a race to find Big Jim, a legendary Killjoy gone rogue. But Khlyen is determined to find Big Jim for his own shadowy purposes, and pressures Dutch to get to him first. Meanwhile, with Dutch gone, John and D'avin are forced to team up with an old nemesis." (One Blood)

Fun ep … nothing earth shattering tho, since the "reveal" of D'Avin's past in the previous episode, and the mystery of Dutch & Khlyen gets a bit more screen time this round, although I have to admit whatever is/has happened between them gets slightly less interesting each time they nudge a reaction with their respective actions…

Dutch and the #Killjoys have their work cut out for them next week. Get a sneak peek at their next mission.

Posted by Killjoys on Sunday, July 19, 2015

I find myself looking at the background in this episode, which to me meant the story and happenings couldn't keep my attention, and they wander into the background sets and props (something I always tell my film students about what a "bad" film does :p), and I find myself taking screengrabs of the settings instead hahaha

Well, I sure hope the "fun times" have not run out though, because the politics in this series story has gotten more convoluted that it could be - where I could just turn on the news or read the newspaper or online news, instead, innit?

I want my "Sci-Fi", no a "Sci-Why?", thanks :)

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