#watched #Killjoys S1E5

S1E5 PLOT: "An easy salvage job on an abandoned ship takes an insidious turn when the Killjoys are trapped aboard, in a tense, terrifying standoff that forces them to confront their own darkest secrets." (A Glitch in the System)
MY TAKE: The trio of Killjoys board what seems to be a spaceship with a distress beacon and some truths are finally revealed, and D'Avin gets busy with his doctor - something which folks would have seen coming - alongside these screengrabs designed to titillate some folks, I am ashamed to say … overall a decent fun ep, I have to say!

Missed last week's #Killjoys. All will become clear with Lucy's debriefing.

Posted by Killjoys on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FULL S1E5 Episode:

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  1. lucy opened the door, that was pretty funny. i wonder if red 17 is going to come back on the show later on. dav killed his squad & they were like nbd. i'm curious what that has to do with the doctor. dutch's mentor is lame, he's not scary he's just annoying. hopefully someone will kill him in this 1st season & give her a better storyline. maybe something with the RAC so they can bring back becca from andromeda.


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